Dr. James Schulenberg
Dr. Ashley Jeffs
Dr. Tom Nugent

Grandview Animal Hospital

Medical Services

We provide a complete medical assessment starting with a physical examination. From the exam the issues that need to be addressed will be identified. Further diagnostics may be required to provide the information necessary to ensure that your pet’s needs are addressed. Further testing might include laboratory tests, radiographs, ultrasound, and biopsies.

Our pets also can have underlying endocrine disorders. We provide testing for thyroid function, cushing’s disease and diabetes mellitus to name a few. Often in these cases, routine medical monitoring is needed to ensure optimal health.

Dermatology services are provided as well. Some cases need skin biopsies and skin scraping to help provide an answer to those more challenging disorders. 

Specialists in any field of veterinary medicine are also readily available. A referral to a reputable professional can be arranged according to your pet’s unique needs. Please call one of our veterinarians to discuss your pet’s needs.