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Helpful Links

Still have questions? Please email Grandview Animal Hospital directly and we will refer you to the service or business you are looking for!

General Pet Care and Pet Health Info

Are you searching for reliable information about your pet’s health or general pet care information that comes with veterinary approval? Check out these links for information on just about anything to do with your pet’s health, including medications, diagnostics, surgeries and behaviour issues.

Pet Nutritional Info

Pet nutrition is important for your pet’s health, dental care and coat! These links tell you about the food we sell and the nutritional benefits they provide.

Begin a Career

Considering a career in veterinary medicine or as a veterinary technician? These links will tell you more about the education and credentials of the staff at GAH.

Choosing a Family Pet – Getting Started to Adoption

How can you help to foster a strong and healthy relationship between your children and your pets? Look up information on these websites about anything from selecting the right breed of dog for your family, to parasites and kids, to training tips and tips about child-pet interactions. Looking to adopt a rescued animal? These links can help you find your next furry family member!

Dog Training

Come! Sit! Stay! Are these words you want to use and see results? Consider the help of a trusted provider of dog obedience training. Here are some local dog training academies:

Pet Insurance

As veterinarians, we see the benefits of veterinary insurance in providing our clients with options and peace of mind when dealing with a difficult diagnosis and options for medical intervention. Decide for yourself if the benefits of pet insurance are for you.

Pet Memorial Services

Your pet is part of your family and after the loss of a pet there are many ways that you can honour and memorialize the special place that they had in your life.

Pet Charities

Are you interested in making a meaningful donation in the area of companion animal medicine? Explore the wonderful work of the charities below and consider if your financial contributions could help to improve the health and situations of needy families and their pets.

Boarding and Daycare

Going away on a holiday or business trip? Check out the following quality boarding facilities and rest assured your pet will be well cared for while you are away!

Artificial Grass Services

Do you own a dog kennel? Involved in agility training? Tired of having “dog stains” on your lawn? You may be interested in Artificial Grass for your home or business – check out their website for more information!

 City or Licensing Information

For questions concerning licences, amount of animals per household, or to report lost/found pets, please follow the website below to contact our community’s city hall.


Lost, Injured or Abandoned Wildlife

We often receive phone calls about abandoned or injured baby bunnies, robins, squirrels and the like in our community. If you find yourself in a situation concerning wildlife, please check out the following links for more direction to the best place to bring these critters:

Animals Beyond the Clinic

If you are someone who is interested in Live Web Cams of animals in zoos, reserves, water holes and more, check out the following link to various sites such as Animal Planet where you can check out animals in their various habitats!