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Grandview Animal Hospital
Grandview Animal Hospital

About Grandview Animal Hospital

Grandview is located at the foot of the beautiful Niagara escarpment in the heart of the Winona community.  From this location it has serviced the needs of owners and their pets both into Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and the greater Grimsby and Smithville area for nearly 25 years.  In the early 1950s Dr. Aiken, a family physician, initially built the building and began an active community family medical practice.  The building across the road accommodated the local pharmacy and serves to explain the presence of these office buildings in a largely residential area. Many of our long time clients can recall coming to Grandview for their own doctor’s appointments as children and adults, only to have it serve as their pet’s hospital today!  Over time, the physician moved his practice into Grimsby, and the office building changed hands over the years, becoming both a construction company, and a real estate office for awhile.

In 1989 Dr. Tom Nugent bought the building and established Grandview Animal Hospital.  He served as veterinarian until his retirement in 2004.  The practice was sold to Dr. Ivan Bos and in 2007 Dr. Schuleberg began working as a veterinarian with Dr. Bos.  In 2010 Dr. James Schulenberg took over ownership of the practice.  Although he’s considered retired, Dr. Nugent continues to be a familiar face to some longtime patients as he continues to work as a part-time veterinarian.  Grandview is heading towards its 25th anniversary of offering veterinary services in the community and remains devoted to serving the pet population and providing excellent service and a friendly atmosphere to both pets and their owners!

Grandview Animal Hospital is accredited by the College of Veterinarians, our licensing organization. This accreditation holds us to specific standards for patient record keeping, equipment requirements, pharmacy controls, library and sanitation.  To maintain our accreditation, we receive regular on-site inspections of our clinic, which serves to assure our clientele of our commitment to meeting high standards of veterinary practice.