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With Grandview’s in-house diagnostic services, you can get to the bottom of your pet’s health issues.

If our team finds that something seems out of the ordinary with your pet during an examination, we’ll use a variety of diagnostic tools to get to identify the exact cause of a health issue. These further tests can often be done while you wait for the results of your pet’s physical exam.

Grandview’s in-house diagnostic services include…

  • Diagnostic imaging, including in-clinic ultrasounds & digital x-rays as well as referrals for MRI and CT scans
  • In-house laboratory for blood, urine and endocrine testing as well as biopsies & skin scraping
  • Electrocardiograms to test heart activity
  • Blood pressure tests

If, for some reason, we can’t perform a specific test, specialists in any field of veterinary medicine are readily available. A referral to a specialist can be arranged, especially if an MRI or CT scan is required.

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